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Spoon + hook

An ode to love in the language of flowers

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Spoon + hook

An ode to love in the language of flowers

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It is said that during the Victorian era, flowers were used as a language tool for those who could not speak to one another under royal law. Using the boom floriography: the language of flowers, I have created a piece that is meant to express love in all ways. Self love, romantic love, admiration, promise, hope, growth, and story telling. Made from walnut wood, the casted scene above has cat tail, rose, yarrow, orange leaf, Queen Anne’s lace, wheat, white tulip, moss, butterfly, bee, fern, chamomile, heather, and larkspur. The entire piece is sealed using spoon + hook wood care and is meant to be hand washed and towel dried only!


13” x 12”


cat tail: piece and prosperity

chamomile: energy in adversity

fern: magic

heather: luck + protection

larkspur: levity

orange leaf ( blossom): eternal love

queen Anne’s lace: sanctuary

rose: love

tulip: I declare my love for you

wheat: riches abundance

Yarrow: curing

moss: protection and sanctuary 

bee: hand working and team work 

butterfly: whim and magic


Full circle

All wooden wares come from sustainably sourced wood and are finished with a hand blended mixture of local bees wax from honey & the hive and local walnut oil.

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