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Wedding bouquet board

Regular price $210.00

*The entire process and final piece is $420. It is a $210 reservation and then a final payment of $210 once the board is finished and ready to head to its forever home.


This is a custom option dedicated to wedding bouquets. In this option I send you a prepaid shipping label and box and easy to follow directions for packaging your bouquet to ship. If you’re in the Asheville area, we can also plan a meeting place so I can receive them in person. From there when they get to me, I dry them and cast them into a custom cutting board that we have discussed. Within every reservation of this option, you will receive an email within 24 hours so that we can discuss your dreams, time frames, and the next steps. I have chosen to break the price up into two payments. One for the reservation, and one for the final one of a kind piece. Before casting your flowers in a permanent way, you will also get design photos to make sure you are a part of the process from the planning of your special day, all the way to receiving your forever flower board. This entire process takes a few weeks depending on your chosen flowers and drying them as well as casting them into the wood. Because of this there will be approximate times given to you when we discuss your dreams! 


*reservation is $210 with one more payment of $210 when your custom piece is ready to ship!


*The board shown is from a bridal bouquet created in 2019 that was cast into a walnut cutting board.


*most boards will be 12 inches in width and 1-2 inches thick. 

*photos taken by Nicole Mcconville 

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