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Early harvest board

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This beautiful board is one that almost feels like a where’s Waldo scene. My goal was to me a larger pice that would be ideal for picnics, serving groups, or those nights of home charcuterie. This beautiful piece of cherry wood was a gift from my uncle in law and is over 70 years old. The back had a slight crack that is filled with malachite stone. Within the board there is nasturtium, sunflower, strawflower, one swallowtail butterfly, gopher a, hops, nigella, bleached fern, yarrow, foxglove, hydrangea, cherry blossom, rose, zinnia ,ammobium, tulip, amaranth, and one hidden dolls eye ball. The entire piece is sealed with a hand blended mixture of food grade mineral oil and local bees wax from honey & the hive. Please hand wash and towel dry only.

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