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Spoon + hook

Feather and flora spatula

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This spatula is a bit longer than I had originally intended and I loved the final outcome. I joked that I made this for the people who get oil pops in their eyes whilst cooking. This piece is a hand carved top of walnut wood with a casted handle of found feathers, moss, and pepper berry. It is absolutely beautiful and a piece that you continue to find new things in the more you look at it. The moss had broken apart a little while the spoon was curing, so there are remnants of moss throughout the entire piece. I use a food safe resin while making these, so the entire piece is food safe and the wooden side is finished with a hand blended mixture of food grade mineral oil and local bees wax from Honey & the hive. This piece is NOT MEANT to go into the dishwasher. Please hand wash and towel dry and re-oil as needed.

•13.5 inches long

•2.5 inches wide

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