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Spoon + hook

For the one who taught you it is all in the details

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This is a package consisting of two different items from two different makers. It includes a turquoise pendant necklace from Erie Wild and a set of ginkgo serving utensils from spoon + hook.


The handmade necklace is from Erie Wild. Amy who started this business is one of my all time favorite makers. She focuses on jewelry and makes some of the best I’ve ever seen. I personally own and cherish quite a few of her pieces! The necklace is a set turquoise stone in a sterling silver pendant with a delicate ball dripping from the bottom. It comes with a 24 inch sterling silver chain. Each turquoise stone is so unique and different from the other, it’s incredible to see so much difference.


The gingko set is hand carved with the intention to resemble the gingko tree leaves. I’ve always swooned over the tree and it’s strength, beauty, and history and wanted to encapsulate that in a set. It is finished with a hand blended mixture of local bees wax from Honey & the Hive and food grade mineral oil. 


-12 inches long

-5.5 inches wide


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