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Spoon + hook

Daisy scoop and handmade mug

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This package includes two pieces from two different makers. It is a ceramic mug made by so. Stoked pottery and a daisy scoop made by me (spoon + hook).


-when I first started thinking of offering combinations from friends and packages that would compliment one another, Eli and her business came to mind first for me. Eli is such an amazing ceramicist but she is also an amazing human. She’s one of the people you walk away from feeling lighter and brighter from. She also helped us adopt out cat Jebodiah, as she also used to work for local animal shelters. She hand makes her pottery to resemble the natural elements of the earth, stays in neutral color palates, and creates these incredible pieces that become your everyday staple. I literally use my mug from her every single morning. It’s part of my routine. 


-The hand carved daisy scoop is made by me. I loved the idea of being able to give it to someone and say “I would pick you every time”. It is hand carved from walnut wood and has a real daisy petal casted into one of the wooden petals. The entire piece is finished with food grade mineral oil and local bees wax from Honey & the Hive. 

-6 inches wide

-4.5 inches tall

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