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Spoon + hook

For the one who taught you to be mindful

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This is a package consisting of two pieces. A walnut rainbow board created by me and a burning bundle created by Torches Ceremonials.


Torches ceremonials is the brain child of herbalist Britt Josa. A dear friend of mine who also is incredibly wise, thoughtful, and intuitive. She creates these burning bundles for intentional people to burn throughout their homes or lives. They’re made with sustainable herbs and flora, named with the intention of cultural appropriation, and are the perfect way to welcome yourself and your home. This burning bundle is crafted with yellow yarrow, rose, lavender, white cedar, wormwood, and pine.


The rainbow cutting board is a beautiful matchup of two different pieces of walnut wood. Directly down the middle of the board you can see a line of the two woods meeting perfectly. This piece hangs beautifully on a wall and is the perfect addition to serving boards for charcuterie, fresh vegetables, and more. It is finished with a hand blended mixture of food grade mineral oil and local bees wax from Honey & the Hive.

-13 inches tall

-8.5 inches wide

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