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Ouroboros: neutral

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This piece is one I loved, so much I had to make two. Of course, each is a one of a kind due to the snake shed, flowers and mushrooms in it, size, and how they turn out! The neutral board is one that plays with the colors of the forest floor. With a central piece os walnut wood, the cyclical outside has a snake shed that intertwines with white strawflower, enoki mushroom, pine cone, hops, amaranth, found mushroom, moss, ammobium, feather, branches, bleached fern, lichen, stone, and king oyster mushrooms. The entire piece is sealed with a hand blended mixture of food grade mineral oil and local bees wax from Honey & the hive. Please hand wash and towel dry and re-oil as needed. 


-14.5 inch diameter

-2 inches thick 


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