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Spoon + hook

The flower child: ambrosia maple

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This board is what all my dreams are made of. A combination of floral and wood in a way that feels true to spoon + hook and allows each natural realm to shine the way it deserves. I invest in a resin that is one of the only to meet FDA regulations, making this piece completely food safe. I would NOT recommend cutting on the resin surface, as you’ll notice it is not completely flat. Each board I’ve made has had a textured surface as the resin flows through the strawflowers into the books and creaks. The strawflower is sourced from Lady Luck flower farm. They sold some starter plants in the spring and I have quite a few I’ve grown myself In my garden, but still the roots are from Katie and Mike and their team at Lady Luck. The wood use is locally sourced from Beetree Hardwood and Asheville Hardware and the entire piece is sealed in a hand blended mixture of food grade mineral oil and local bees wax from Honey & the hive. PLEASE hand wash and towel dry. These are not meant to go into a dishwasher. Each is 11 inches in length, 9 inches in width and an inch in thickness. You can see the bottom of the flowers on each side, which is equally as beautiful

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