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The Maple Pen

The Maple Pen

Part of the ever blooming goal of spoon + hooks collective truck is to not only feature makers, but be able to tell their story. I think it’s so incredibly important to be able to connect what you’re buying, bringing into your home, sharing with your loved ones, and taking ownership of to its source. Almost as you do with your food you eat. It’s farm, it’s origin. Or your skincare on your body. Learning its ingredients, finding what works well for you, embracing the scents and letting them become a part of your story. 


The first maker I want to introduce is one that only makes sense to begin this collectives story. We begin with Beth Schweigert of The Maplepen. Beth and I met years ago when we both worked at a hair salon in Asheville. We were a part of the same friend group and in a larger sense, cut from the same fabric. Beth and her amazing husband Brett were a part of my life when Tim and I began dating. They knew him previously for his brewery he owns with his two best friends called Burial Beer Co. They has nothing but love to share when expressing to me their excitement for our new love. As time went on and Tim and I got more serious, so did our friendship with Beth and Brett. Brett transitioned into brewing full time so he and Tim would sit and inspire one another, dream, and keep each other sane by finding common ground in a tough business. Both Beth and I were in a similar stance. We both were starting our Asheville businesses and were dreaming of all the what if’s. 


My very first market I ever did, I didn’t have business cards for. What would I need business cards for?! Beth encouraged me in that moment to at least write my name and email on paper. So I cut pieces of craft paper, wrote down my information and tried to look as professional as possible. I tried to pretend I had done this a million times and hand written craft cards were part of my shtick. Ha! 


There was a day I will never forget as Tim and I were working in the shop, Beth told me she needed to come over to talk with me. I waited anxiously because I’m always so curious what that means when someone said it,  and as she walked back into the dusty shop I could see the most beautiful glimmer in her eye. Whatever it was about to be, it was going to be really great news. Beth held it in for only a short time when she excitedly told us she was pregnant! I couldn’t believe it! Two of the most amazing people I know bringing new life into this world. Everything felt as if it was exactly as it should be. Love was deep, friends were embracing everything the others were doing, and everyone was alive and chasing their dreams. Throughout this pregnancy Beth and Brett remained ambitious, hard working, very social, and graceful throughout the entire thing. I watched them as their lives were starting to shift into this new chapter and everything felt so amazing.


Months down the road (as all sweet pregnancies begin) baby Reese Anabel was born. Reese has the most beautiful eyes and most beautiful soul. She looks at you with such curiosity and amazement. A few months into Reese’s sweet new blooming life she had her very first seizure, followed by 2 more in a very short time frame. We were all so worried. So devastated. Beth and Brett remained so confident and alert during this time. So full of unconditional love and hope. It was astounding to see. One night while Tim and I were having dinner, I mentioned that perhaps Burial could host an event to raise money for them with their medical bills and to allow them to have time to not think about any sort of utility or water bill. 

Just like that, people were donating kegs of beer, art, there was a raffle for donations, and so much more. Friends, family, strangers, Mother’s, fathers, brewers, and more came out to support. In classic Asheville fashion. Our community showed what it’s all about and it was one of those moments that you breath deep with gratitude. 


As Reese has began to grow, she has blossomed into such a sweet, fun, brave little lady. Unfortunately her seizures still seem to come up ever so often. Because of this, it made sense for Beth and Brett to move closer to family in Florida. With our friend Reed they have begun a brewery called Perfect Plain brewing and are continuing to push for their largest dreams. With each purchase of a mug on the spoon + hook collective, this family is supported. It’s about understanding the full circle. Where your money goes and how you cherish what you have. 

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