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Handmade heirlooms

I make my products carefully and with the best materials available locally and sustainably. Because of this, most products will come to their home with a bit of wax and mineral oil still present. It is my goal that your product lasts many generations to come and with a bit of care (like most other things) this can happen very easily. Please note the following care instructions to make sure your piece or pieces maintain their best possible self.

-cleaning wood is very easy. Simply hand wash is with a mild soapy water and rinse then dry. That easy! Because wood has antibacterial properties (unlike plastic or metal) it will neutralize 99.9% after 24 hours.

-avoid leaving wood in water and/or putting ANY wood in the dishwasher. Hot water as well as excess water will weaken the wood and raise the fibers drastically.

-each piece is finished with a homemade combination of bees wax from a local apiary called Wild Mountain Bees and food grade mineral oil. This is as well for sale but if it in turn is not something of purchase, coconut oil and/or food grade mineral oil from any grocery store will do a fine job.

-If the fibers have become coarse, typically from hot water exposure, dishwashers, excessive time in water please do the following. This is an easy fix of using a fine sandpaper with a grain of 320-400 to finely wipe down the piece then reapply oil and it should be as good as the first day.

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