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Handmade heirlooms

“There is something so basic, so natural in the hand that the urge to utilize its power will always make itself felt.  Moreover, the chief characteristic of handcrafts is that they maintain by their very nature a direct link to the human heart, so that the work always partakes of a human quality” 
― Yanagi Sõetsu


My name is Anneliesse Charrington Gormley. spoon + hook is my creation of wooden wares designed from a deep love for vintage, minimalism, nature, and fine craft. For generations I have been passed family heirlooms in which they have each held a significant story about a family member, a time in my families history, or a historical time within the world. My goal is to create pieces that can also hold significance within ones story. I believe that if we cherish what we do have, remember the tradition of story telling and honoring both we can slowly start to cultivate a lifestyle that has several like minded individuals. The world we live in today can feel fast, sometimes inauthentic, and even in some cases bewildering. It does not always have to be large steps, but simply a step to create a life in which everything feels fulfilled. I believe that can start by each morning routine, owning something of cherishment, supporting local, artists, and stopping to appreciate hand craft again.

Growing up I have always lived in a household with two older sisters. Because of this I got a lot of hand me down pieces. From there, they were a blank canvas upon which I could create what ever I liked. Mixed with the family pieces I have always had and a love for creating something new from something old, wood working has always been a deep love for me. After some major life changes happened, I decided to follow my dreams to their fullest and not wait any longer for them to one day fall on my door step. That is where spoon + hook began.

It is important to me to find quality, sustainable wood which is why most comes from Asheville Hardware ( a local supplier), Bee tree Hardwoods, as well as my dear friend Gerald K. who has been helping me to cut and cure a walnut tree in Waynesville, NC. Everything is finished with local bees wax from Wild Mountains Bees and food grade mineral oil.


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