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New dreams of 2019

New dreams of 2019

New year, new dreams, new possibilities.

When spoon + hook began I was quite unsure what my dreams were in fulfillment. Carving wood is one of the first things that made sense. It felt so fluid and natural. But I never envisioned it being my only “job”. I always dreamed of having my own business. Specifically having a boutique. The makers one could meet, curating, making a music playlist to share with anyone who would come in. I just had so many dreams. As spoon + hook began to grow, I quickly realized that my dream would need to change. This is when I got Beulah. My 1968 Volkswagen transporter. A mobile business creates a more fluid balance between spoon + hook and curating a boutique. As Beulah began to bloom, I kept asking myself what my values were. Every single time the words that kept popping up were community, story telling, and curating. 

My dream has become quite apparent to me. I want to tell the stories of makers and curate a collection of wares and goods made by small batch makers, farmers, and artists. It is my goal to use this blog to start to share those stories. To share the reasons for each piece on Beulah and to start to share where they can be found around town. To create more consistency within spoon + hook I am also going to be bringing a lot of these wares to my shop in Atomic Furnishings as well as our website! I can’t wait to share more! 

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  • Love this mission! It’s been so cool to watch spoon + hook grow. Keep on keepin’ on sista.


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